Welcome to TELE Communication Program Hosted by Recovery Community Hospital & Maternity

Tele communication

Recovery Community Hospital & Maternity has made it possible for our patients and client to reach out to our Staffs easier with the help of our Tele communication program. These program is built to create quick access to our specialist consultants dedicated to giving our patients excellent care.

Book Appointment

Make an online appointment to see a Doctor at our Hospital has been made easy witth the help of our Tele Program. If you ever need a face to face appointment with our doctors and other members of our staff simply Sign up for our Tele Program.

Online Consultation

To avoid long hospital queues and delays, use register to our tele program and get easy access to consult with our doctors and other staffs from the comfort of your home, with our Tele Program.

Get Instant Appointment

Need a checkup? Not feeling well? Getting the care you need starts with scheduling an appointment

How it Work’s? We Made It Simple
Sign Up

The first step is to register with us, by clicking the sign up button or book appointment button then fill in your data.

Complete Profile

The second step is to click the profile page and complete your profile details.

Click Finder

Third step, is to visit the finder page to find any of our available staff.

Start conversation

After finding your desired staff, proceed by messaging the staff.